Anna Lisa Couturier, LCSW CADC I

Anna Lisa Couturier - TherapistI am a licensed clinical therapist who provides individual and family counseling services for families, couples and individual adults.  While a significant amount of my clients are adults, my specialty is working with adolescents who have had trouble developing a trusting relationship with a therapist.

My approach in counseling is centered on building a relationship with youth and families that is based on dignity and mutual respect.  I create an atmosphere of cooperation and equality, based on the belief that clients are the experts on their own lives and experiences, and that this expertise can be utilized in the process of making change.

I work from a systems perspective that takes into account that there are multiple factors that affect peoples’ lives;  that family, health, culture, and social relationships should all be considered to be potential areas of focus in treatment.  I have special expertise in treating a variety of mental health disorders —  bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety and trauma as well as grief and loss issues. I also am a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and as such, have training in treating substance abuse as well as mental health issues.

I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Michigan and completed my undergraduate degree in Social Work from the San Francisco State University. I have been working professionally as a social worker since 1988.

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